Do you already live by training employees within retail, hospitality or leisure? Then you can benefit from joining Frontliners and earn even more money.

Extend your customers' experience

Don't let your training days with your customers be a one-time pleasure. With Frontliners you can extend the experience by creating texts, videos, and quizzes that the employees of your customers are regularly presented so that they do not forget what you have taught them. Your customers are happy to pay for keeping the employees' training right so that you also receive an ongoing income from your customers. The fixed connection through Frontliners extends your customer relationships and gives you even more business going forward.

Make money from your training material

Even without your own customers, you have the opportunity to make money with Frontliners. You can at any time develop training material for employees within retail, hospitality or leisure that becomes available at Frontliners app store. When a company chooses to use your training elements, you will receive an ongoing payment for it. The more companies that use it, the more we pay for you.

Become a Dealer for Frontliners

However, when you train employees with your customers, you might as well make a deal with Frontliners. Then you get money for it every time one of your customers chooses to join our platform and every single month until they stop using the platform.

It's that easy

Simply create a trainer profile in Frontliners, and you have access to create training packages containing videos, texts, and quizzes. Once you have created a training package, you price it and decide who it should be available for. Then your and/or Frontline customers have access to the items and pay a fixed monthly amount for it.

Sign up and make money right away

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