Stop wasting money on really effective advertising


It’s great to see the effort of retailers who spend huge budgets on creative and inspiring advertising campaigns, driving customers to their stores. The problem is, it’s often a waste of money because the store’s visitor to paying customer conversion rate is just not high enough.

It’s ALWAYS great to get visitors to the store….NOT!

Some might say that it’s never a waste of money. They look at a 10% conversion rate, meaning 10 out of 100 visitors to their store buy something. The logic tells that to get a thousand paying customers they only need 10.000 visitors. That’s correct, but the 9.000 visitors that left will probably not return very soon as they left the store disappointed. When they talk to friends, colleagues, and family, they might even mention that they went to the store and left disappointed.

There is only one thing that is influencing all three sales drivers

The three sales drivers are: 1) drive more visitors into the store (the one mentioned above), 2) increase your average ticket and 3) increase your conversion rate. The only influencer of all three things are the front-line staff:

  1. If visitors get great service and a great experience in the store, they will return to the store again and again, while also sharing their positive experience – driving more visitors to the store.
  2. When people get great service from front-line staff, they will take their advice and buy more, increasing the tickets.
  3. With proactive front-line staff, no one will leave the store without having talked about why they came into the store, and what they are searching for. This will naturally increase the conversion rate.

I haven’t found anything as important as the front-line staff when it comes to driving sales in the stores, but if you read this and know better – please let me know.

Be ready when the customers get to your store

Taking the above into consideration, it’s all about building the perfect team of front-line staff to deliver an excellent service to all visitors. Every front-line staff member should be profile tested, to see if their personality matches the job. When that is determined, they should be on-boarded, and after that experience regular online drip training (ideally, short training sessions) and motivation. Please see my post titled “How to train and motivate front-line staff” to get a few ideas.

To conclude

Know that your front-line staff has the largest impact on your business and prioritize them. We created Frontliners to help companies make sure they have the best possible front-line staff, being at their best every time they meet a customer.

– Danny Fabricius Fogel, Front-line staff ambassador

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