What’s in it for you?

With the Frontliners platform, you get a 360 workforce management solution to monitor and increase your staff’s performance.

Staff overview

Frontliners gives you an overview of your staff complete with all the information you need. You simply invite your staff members by mail or SMS, and then they fill in the blanks using social media connectors or just typing them in. You will be able to see the details of each staff member including their contact information, performance, personality, work schedule, and salary.

Performance and personality match

Because Frontliners knows how your staff performs and what type of personality they have, it is able to match them with candidate profiles. Frontliners can then predict how each candidate will perform if you choose to hire them. This way you never have to risk hiring someone who is not a good fit for your business.


There are several ways to communicate in Frontliners. We have a built-in messenger service, so every staff member can communicate with each other. On top of that, there are to-do lists, pinned notes, and news options. These allow managers to communicate to everyone at once and keep the communication visible for a fixed amount of time. We also have forums, where certain topics and new ideas can be discussed, facilitating a strong environment for knowledge sharing.


We make it easy to keep track of who is working and when they are working. You can easily plan the work weeks and all staff will be able to see their work schedule on their smartphones. If needed, you can choose to use the punch clock, giving staff the ability to easily start and stop their shift.


You can use Frontliners for all kinds of training. The most common are sales, product and procedure training. In Frontliners we have templates, so you don’t have to create your own training materials from scratch. In our sales training template, we even have included some basic elements that can be used right away. Our template library will increase over time, so you will always be able to find new exciting training materials for your staff.


When motivating your staff, a purely online approach is not always enough. Frontliners online motivational tool can do a lot of things, including sending motivational messages, starting competitions and much more – but sometimes, a sales kickoff, a weekly circle or a quarterly 1-1 are also excellent motivators. In Frontliners, you can log your offline activities to make Frontliners include them in its analyses, helping to determine which elements improve staff performance.

Performance overview

You will always be able to see a performance overview, with the option of drilling deeper to see how each individual staff member is performing. If you type in the daily revenue as your metric of choice, for example, Frontliners will break the results down and use all the data at the system’s disposal to calculate who has the highest influence on the performance of your business.

Performance optimizer

Frontliners utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to recognize which profiles, training, and motivational elements have the highest impact on staff performance. With access to not only data on your organization but also every business in the system, Frontliners analyses content, timing, and personality to discover what truly works. It then automatically adjusts its predictive and suggestive services. As Frontliners learns more about your business, its own performance will increase, and in turn, create more tangible value for your organization. As your business becomes smarter, so does Frontliners.

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