Don’t worry about staffing costs, better sales are more important


On December 14th, Daphne Howland posted a brief on RetailDive describing the key consequence of not having enough staff in stores as the loss of potential sales opportunities.

The conclusion is, “stores should staff to maximize sales and profit, not to minimize cost.”

According to a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management, that was emailed to RetailDive, 6% of all possible sales are lost because of lack of service.

At Frontliners we believe that it is more important to have the right, well trained and highly motivated staff than just to make sure someone is there. That’s why we created Frontliners. If you want to get ahead, by having the best staff and help them be at their best at all times, you should see this. However, the brief is still inspiring enough for us to share it, so here you go:



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